Sight-In Days

The first two weeks in November bring Sight-In Days for all those deer hunters looking to get ready for the season. The range provides shooting benches, sand bags, targets, ear plugs, power spotting scopes, a laser bore-sighting tool, gunsmith tools, and help with sight-in problems, plus a covered firing line and heated building, for just a small range fee for non-members and free to members.

Hunter Sight-In Days



What is it?


Sight-In Days started as a way to promote the CCSA range and to recruit members. Every year during the first two weeks of November, we open up the range from 9 AM to 5 PM for anyone (members and non-members) to sight in his or her deer rifle before opening day. We provide a warm clubhouse, hot coffee, target stands at specific distances, free targets, sight-in help, and we sell some supplies as well.



How does it work?


It takes volunteers from our CCSA members. Each day we have two, 4 hour shifts; an AM shift from 9-1 and a PM shift from 1-5. For each of these shifts we would like two members to sign up to help run the range.



What work is involved?


Each volunteer needs to wear his or her swampers, be able to drink coffee, tell lies, and keep the fire going. The sign-in table needs to be manned and other duties are involved but you will be shown how to do them.



What are the costs?


Non-members who want to sight-in guns must pay $5 per gun. Members don’t have to pay (but everyone signs into our logbook). Any renewal or new memberships will pay the price posted on the membership application but will be good from that day through the 2016 calendar year. Hats and supplies will be marked with a price.


How do I volunteer to work this great event?


Just leave a message at 906-440-8119. Sight-In days are a lot of fun; you get to see people you haven’t seen in awhile and also meet new hunters. Swapping lies and drinking coffee around a warm stove is always a good time.